Where we turn outdoor yearning into outdoor learning

Stay tuned for our fall 2024 program!

What we have to offer:


Sixty acres of untouched woodlands for exploration and adventure time

Renovated farmhouse to serve for indoor time and shelter if needed

Natural play area with loose parts, construction zone, mud kitchen, enclosures, and much more to foster imaginative play

Turning the outdoors into a classroom.

Your children will create long-lasting memories and an irreplaceable connection to the great outdoors!

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Trees, sticks, and logs

Trees, sticks, and logs - find sticks of all sizes to build forts; practice whittling; make shapes, numbers, and letters; use as a magic fairy wand; find, observe, and climb interesting logs and trees; discuss the life of a tree and what trees provide the environment

Music and art

Music and art - use nature elements such as sticks, flowers, leaves, grass, rocks, or mud to use in crafts and/or music play using the music wall and various art materials provided on the natural playground

Creek play

Creek play - splash and wade in water, listen to the peaceful sound of running water, utilize nature materials to build boats, stack rocks, observe aquatic creatures

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt - find and collect objects of interest found in nature and place in container (provided); share and trade objects, use objects during play, and/or save and take home

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Meet Andrew & Bailey

Wild Woods Nature School is an outdoor, nature-based education program held in the fields and forests of a 60-acre farm in Gallatin, Tennessee. Owners Andrew and Bailey Womack are inspired by the growing interest of outdoor education across the country, and want to share their land with the community by providing families and children a unique opportunity for an alternative education.With their shared knowledge, skill sets, backgrounds, and love for the environment, Andrew and Bailey are thrilled to begin the journey of helping young minds grow and flourish with the help of the great outdoors. If Andrew and Bailey had to describe nature in three words, they would say it is…


Andrew, a Tennessee native, grew up in these very woods. He deeply understands the benefits of time spent outside as a child, and how it has shaped him as an adult. Andrew is a former Assistant Attorney General and is currently a litigation associate at the nation’s most successful environmental law firm. He has a passion for civil, constitutional, and environmental law. Andrew believes in helping children become stewards of the Earth by developing a deep love and respect for all nature.

Bailey is a pediatric speech-language pathologist, working with children of all ages with a variety of communication abilities and backgrounds. She is passionate about helping children reach their fullest potential and creativity through interaction with nature, which provides endless enriching experiences.

Bailey is professional, personable, and genuine. It shines through her work ethic and relationships that she’s built with each child. She doesn’t shy away from challenges, but embraces them and does the necessary work to overcome whatever comes her way. I have complete faith in her ability to provide an atmosphere in which children can learn and excel and cannot wait to see her impact on every life she touches.


- Cici Henderson

I’ve shared an office in a pediatric clinic with Bailey for more than three years where I’ve witnessed her work with children as a speech-language pathologist. I’ve seen her interactions with a myriad of children with just as many differing needs, and she consistently shows patience, kindness, and compassion, in addition to her stellar implementation of the practices targeting speech and language development. As a friend to both her and her husband Andrew, I’ve shared in my own interest in nature, ecology, and backcountry camping that stemmed from growing up with a mother who was a state naturalist and educator, and a father who is a farmer, and I would say that their breadth and depth of passion and knowledge for the outdoors and child development should matriculate children from their nature school who gain an eye for the wild, a heart for the earth, and a mind ready for modern day problem solving and creativity.


- Daniel Flatt, M.S. CCC-SLP

Andrew and Bailey believe children are naturally eager to learn. Time spent outdoors and in nature provides the perfect environment for healthy and happy children. As a child, Andrew was allowed to wander the land where this new generation of children will get to experience.


- Bobbie McCloud

Our Mission

Wild Woods’ mission is to fully immerse children in the natural world to benefit from all that nature has to offer.
Children are designed to learn by following their own curiosities.
Children educate themselves through play, where the thinking is the learning.

We believe the natural world provides infinite possibilities to cultivate this innate desire to learn and explore.
We believe that humans and nature are inseparable, which we feel is important to instill into the minds of children who attend our program.

Our goals are...

  • To help children connect with and learn from the natural world.

  • To help children develop a deeper understanding of and respect for nature in order to preserve its beauty, wonder, and health.

  • To foster children’s development across several skill areas including social-emotional, cognitive, fine motor/gross motor, and speech/language.

  • To co-learn with the children, as nature is the teacher, and indirectly facilitate spontaneous learning through interaction with the elements, seasons, weather, insects, animals, etc. using the facilitated emergent curriculum approach.

  • To provide a safe learning environment that meets all children’s developmental needs.

  • To help children learn resilience and independence to gain the skills and tools needed to care for themselves and achieve their goals now and in the future.

  • To share information and research with parents and the community on the benefits of learning in nature.

Stay tuned for our fall 2024 program!

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